Welcome to the 2017 Northwest Voice Conference: The Art & Science of the Performing Voice! The conference is in Alder Auditorium at 1310 40th St NE, west of the UW Campus.
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Lisa Grace

Anacortes, WA
UW alum-BA/MA Music Education 1998. Teaching private voice for ages 8-80 for 20 years. "Bel Canto/Can Belto" mixed voice coaching with emphasis on developing the head voice. Producing and performing since 2000 for Seattle Symphony and Vancouver Symphony (BC) with www.LisaLindaShine.com. Influential Seattle voice coaches: Dr. Emily Berendsen, Valarie Yockey, Carmen Pelton, The Maestro. On FB as Lisa Grace. I'm looking forward to connecting with voice professionals in April! See you at UW!